All cash amounts presented in text are in million with currency specification, all amounts are in PLN million, except where otherwise stated.

Consolidated Balance Sheet - Assets

 Note31 December 2016 31 December 2015
Reception equipment16350.9371.0
Other property, plant and equipment162,964.32,548.6
Customer relationships203,031.23,638.5
Other intangible assets203,656.22,422.2
Non-current programming assets21151.8145.0
Investment property 5.15.2
Non-current deferred distribution fees2282.883.3
Other non-current assets23452.0272.8
includes derivative instruments 9.56.9
Deferred tax assets13232.787.6
Total non-current assets 23,958.922,261.2
Current programming assets21192.0192.2
Trade and other receivables251,688.01,619.1
Income tax receivable 29.10.7
Current deferred distribution fees22207.2212.7
Other current assets2638.7399.5
includes derivative instruments 6.710.5
Cash and cash equivalents271,326.01,512.0
Restricted cash2710.711.7
Total current assets 3,770.44,228.9
Total assets 27,729.326,490.1

Consolidated Balance Sheet - Equity and Liabilities

 Note31 December 201631 December 2015
Equity and Liabilities
Share capital2825.625.6
Share premium287,174.07,174.0
Other reserves294.5(3.7)
Retained earnings 4,095.53,054.2
Equity attributable to equity holders of the Parent 11,299.610,250.1
Non-controlling interests 78.0-
Total equity 11,377.610,250.1
Loans and borrowings309,302.75,379.8
Issued bonds311,835.7975.3
Finance lease liabilities3220.920.9
UMTS license liabilities33574.0652.8
Deferred tax liabilities13786.9615.8
Deferred income3620.14.7
Other non-current liabilities and provisions34130.2124.2
Total non-current liabilities  12,670.57,773.5
Loans and borrowings301,270.01,230.9
Issued bonds3142.44,776.7
Finance lease liabilities325.04.3
UMTS license liabilities33121.5117.0
Trade and other payables351,569.51,485.4
includes derivative instruments -72.9
Income tax liability 24.9176.1
Deferred income36647.9676.1
Total current liabilities 3,681.28,466.5
Total liabilities 16,351.716,240.0
Total equity and liabilities 27,729.326,490.1