28. Equity

(i) Share capital

Presented below is the structure of the Company’s share capital as at 31 December 2016 and at 31 December 2015:

Share seriesNumber of sharesNominal value of sharesType of shares
Series A2,500,0000.1preference shares (2 voting rights)
Series B2,500,0000.1preference shares (2 voting rights)
Series C7,500,0000.3preference shares (2 voting rights)
Series D166,917,5016.7preference shares (2 voting rights)
Series D8,082,4990.3ordinary bearer shares
Series E75,000,0003.0ordinary bearer shares
Series F5,825,0000.2ordinary bearer shares
Series H80,027,8363.2ordinary bearer shares
Series I47,260,6901.9ordinary bearer shares
Series J243,932,4909.8ordinary bearer shares

The shareholders’ structure as at 31 December 2016 and 31 December 2015 was as follows:

  Number of sharesNominal value of shares% of share capital heldNumber of votes% of voting rights
Karswell Ltd. 1157,988,2686.324.70%157,988,26819.29%
Reddev Investments Ltd. 2154,204,2966.224.11%306,709,17237.45%
Sensor Overseas Ltd. 354,921,5462.28.59%81,662,9219.97%
Embud Sp. z o.o. 158,063,9482.39.08%58,063,9487.09%

1 Entity is controlled by Mr. Zygmunt Solorz
2 Reddev Investments Ltd. is an indirect subsidiary of Mr. Zygmunt Solorz
3 Sensor Overseas Ltd. is controlled by EVO Foundation

(ii) Share premium

Share premium includes the excess of issue value over the nominal value of shares issued decreased by share issuance-related consulting costs.

(iii) Retained earnings

On 29 June 2016 the Annual General Meeting of the Company adopted a resolution on distribution of profit of the Company for the financial year of 2015. Pursuant to the provisions of the resolution the net profit earned by the Company in the financial year of 2015 in the amount of PLN 446.1 is appropriated to the supplementary capital.

(iv) Other reserves

Other reserves include hedge valuation effect and actuarial gains.