50. Consolidated Income Statement

 for the 3 months ended
 31 December 2016 unaudited31 December 2015 unaudited
Continuing operations  
Operating costs(2,140.6)(2,159.3)
Other operating cost, net(4.6)(6.2)
Profit from operating activities389.9444.4
Gain/loss on investment activities, net(26.3)(3.2)
Finance costs(122.9)(270.0)
Share of the profit of joint venture accounted for using the equity method-0.7
Gross profit for the period240.7171.9
Income tax101.113.7
Net profit for the period341.8185.6
Net profit attributable to equity holders of the Parent349.9185.6
Net loss attributable to non-controlling interest(8.1)-
Basic and diluted earnings per share (in PLN)0.540.29