1. The Parent Company

Cyfrowy Polsat S.A. (‘the Company’, ‘Cyfrowy Polsat’, ‘the Parent Company’, ‘the Parent’) was incorporated in Poland as a joint stock company. The Company’s shares are traded on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The Parent Company’s registered office is located at 4a, Łubinowa Street in Warsaw.

The Parent operates in Poland as a provider of a paid digital satellite platform under the name of ‘Cyfrowy Polsat’ and paid digital terrestrial television as well as telecommunication services provider.

The Company was incorporated under the Notary Deed dated 30 October 1996.

The consolidated financial statements comprise the Parent and its subsidiaries (‘the Group’), and joint ventures. The Group operates in two segments: (1) services to individual and business customers which relates to the provision of services to the general public, including digital television transmission signal, Internet access services, mobile TV services, online TV services, mobile services, production of set-top boxes; and (2) broadcasting and television production which consist mainly of production, acquisition and broadcasting of information and entertainment programs as well as TV series and feature films broadcasted on television channel in Poland.