21. Programming assets

 31 December 2016 31 December 2015
Acquired film licenses207.6198.5
Capitalised cost of external production and sports rights58.029.0
Of which: Current 192.0192.2
                Non-current 151.8145.0

Change in programming assets

Net carrying amount as at 1 January 337.2 287.9
Acquisition of film licenses138.2170.6
Capitalized costs of sports rights 142.189.0
Change in advanced payments(18.7)-
Change in impairment losses:0.53.4
Film licenses0.63.0
Capitalized cost of external production and sports rights(0.1)0.4
Change in internal production*2.73.9
Amortization of film licenses(129.4)(128.1)
Amortization of capitalized cost of sports rights(112,0)(88.3)
Sale of film licenses(16,8)(1.2)
Net carrying amount as at 31 December 343.8337.2

* includes change in prepayments

Commitments related to acquisition of programming assets by the Group are presented in note 48.